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Sir Mo Farah Class


Welcome to Sir Mo Farah Class

"Don't dream of winning, train for it."


Mo Farah is a wonderful example of a shining light who, after fleeing his country, leaving behind some of his family, arriving in England and not being able to speak English, still persevered and worked hard to achieve four Olympic gold medals.




Our teachers are Mrs Holden with Ms Palmer on a Tuesday and our teaching assistant is Mr Topping. 


We look forward to working with you and your child.



Star of the Week

In Mo Farah Class, we choose a Star of the Week every Friday.  The child will be chosen for being a true example of 'Being a Light for All to See'. A 'Shining Light' could be a child who has really stood out during the week for their behaviour or their learning in a particular subject; a 'Guiding Light' could be a child who has helped the class as a whole or supported someone in need; a 'Leading Light' could be someone who has set a brilliant example in their learning or their conduct; and a 'Welcoming Light' could be someone who has made a new child or visitor feel welcome and safe in our school.

Our wonderful world produces skies of vibrant and breathtaking colours. Take a look at Mo Farah's sunrise and sunset scenes.

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Our half term moments which made us say wow.

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We are grateful for the wonderful world we live in.


We share all our wonderful learning on Seesaw and use it as a communication tool.

Please log in to your child's account to see what we're up to.  It's lovely for the children to see and read your comments. 


Please see below for information about what we are learning.

Our Curriculum Maps gives a breakdown of the different subjects and the skills and knowledge we are covering this term.

Term 5 & 6 Curriculum Plan

Term 3 & 4: Our World and Extreme Frozen Landscapes

Term 3 & 4 Curriculum Overview

Term 1 & 2: Prehistory

Term 1 & 2 Curriculum Overview


We would love it if your child reads to you or you read to them every night. We understand that this is not always physically possible but if you can do at least three listens per week, that would be great.  

We shall begin our 'Readopoly' reading challenge.

It is a known fact that children's vocabulary and understanding is improved by reading everyday. Please talk to your children about their reading. It should be a pleasurable experience with a mutual enjoyment of storylines and characters. Question them about their understanding and make predictions about the next chapters. 


Spellings which follow a specific spelling rule will be taught in class and sent home each fortnight to be learnt.  Please encourage your child to explain the rule and find other words which fit.  This will help them to learn the pattern rather than just the one off word and therefore will become embedded.


We shall also work on the Year 3 & 4 statutory word list throughout the year but please feel free to support your child in learning these words too at any point.

See below for the statutory Year 3 and 4 Word List 

See below for the fortnightly spelling word lists.



Statutory Word List


Your child has a Doodlemaths account.  Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes each day answering the bespoke maths questions which are tailored to their needs.


Times Tables 

Please encourage your child to go on their TTrockstars login -they will show amazing improvement in their speed of recall which will obviously help in many areas of maths. 


We will be doing PE on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.  Please make sure you wear the appropriate school PE kit, including properly fitted trainers. Long hair must be tied up.

Daily Mile

I am a strong believer in the importance of daily exercise and the Daily Mile is a perfect opportunity to do this.

We shall work up to doing it everyday but please ensure your child has their trainers in school everyday.


The Daily Mile gets children out of the classroom for fifteen minutes every day to run or jog, at their own pace, with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom.  For more information, see this website: