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Tim Peake Class

Welcome to Tim Peake Class!

Our teachers are Mrs Broomfield and

Mrs Banfield

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Harding and Mrs Burns

Our Curriculum.

Over the next term we will be having a History focus. The y2s will be learning about recent history, looking particularly at how schools have changed. (If you might be able to come in and share your memories of school, and how it might have been different to our school today, we would be extremely grateful!) The y3s are looking at the other end of the History timeline with a focus on the Stone Age.

To find out about the complete curriculum, and what will be covering in each of the different subjects check out our curriculum map below.


We will try to share your child's learning with you on a regular basis via Seesaw. Do ask if you are not sure how to access this, as lots of useful information will also be sent this way. You will also be able to send us messages via Seesaw and we will try to respond promptly.


Chepstow Class PE sessions will be on Tuesdays and Fridays, and this term we ask that children come to school in their PE kit on those days (white t-shirt and black shorts) and wearing suitable shoes. On Tuesdays, PE will be outside as often as possible so trainers are advised.


Y2 children will be provided with a healthy snack each morning. Y3s can bing in their own healthy snack. Please ensure it does not contain nuts.

Children will also need to bring their water bottle.


We would ask you to read with your child as often as possible- it really does make a huge difference to their progress. If they are not in the mood to read to you, it is fine to read to them or to take it in turns to read a page each- it should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore! They will bring books home from school, but they may sometimes rather read things they choose at home or at the library. Talking about what they have read or asking questions about a story you have read to them is also invaluable and we are really grateful for your support in this area. We will be changing their books as and when they need to, so if you can prompt them to put their finished book in the book changing drawer when they come into school there will be a moment in the day when they can choose a new one. It is not a race to get through the colour bands, sometimes children need to read lots of books within a level, or even the same book several times, as building their confidence and enthusiasm is just as important to making good progress as being able to decode new words.


Spelling lists will be sent home towards the beginning of term and will be tested on Fridays. They may practise a particular phonic sound, be taken from the "common exception words" list of high frequency words that are tricky to spell, or practise a particular spelling rule.


Useful Information:

Information about VIPERS reading skills