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Our Admission Policy


We are a fully inclusive school. No child will be denied admission because of his or her creed, race, physical ability or academic attainment.


The school now admits all Foundation Stage children in the September despite their birthday.


Parents of children who will be joining the Foundation Stage class in September will be invited to an induction meeting during the Summer Term prior to their child joining, followed by a series of induction visits for the child.


We will of course discuss and come to an agreement with any parents if it is felt a child would benefit from a more gradual introduction into school life.


Parents of children joining school at other times, or who have children wanting to join classes other than the Foundation Stage class, should contact the school.  We can then discuss this further and give you the appropriate paperwork.


The Local Authority supports the admissions to our school.


All forms applying for admission to the school (except for the Foundation Stage class) should be returned to the school for counter-signature. These forms will then be sent to the LA for consideration and approval.


Parents should be aware that there might be a delay before a place can be allocated and should make their application as soon as possible.


As a Voluntary Controlled school parents should contact the local authority if you have any further queries regarding the school's admission arrangements.

  The school welcomes and encourages prospective parents to visit the school.   Please contact a member of our administrative team to arrange an appointment with the Headteacher.


“We are very lucky to have such an excellent local school in a small village like Colerne.”