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Safeguarding Children



The safety of our children is paramount. The school operates a controlled access system with some doors allowing exit only.  All children and staff take part in regular emergency drills. 

Parents requiring access to the school should use the main entrance. An intercom is provided for use when the office is unmanned.

We also appreciate the support of our parents and local community in the form of a neighbourhood watch.


Complaints and Concerns


If, as a parent, you have a concern regarding your child’s academic progress or personal well-being, then please arrange to speak to his or her class teacher as soon as possible.


Should the concern or complaint be associated with the curriculum or a whole school issue, then please contact the Headteacher who will endeavour to resolve the problem immediately.  If, following this course of action, the situation remains unresolved, then there is a formal complaints procedure, details of which are available from the School Office.



School Rules


As we aim to develop a responsible attitude towards each other and to our environment, school rules are kept to a minimum. 


They are based on safe and thoughtful actions and behaviour, with a genuine consideration and respect for others and our school.  Each class has a set of Class Promises and Golden Rules, suggested and agreed by all the children.


All children, parents and staff sign up to our Home School Agreement.