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We meet every Thursday after school to discover more about history.


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The Great HD Museum


The History Detectives opened the doors to their museum last week and invited all the children in the school as well as staff and parent to see their collections of artefacts. The museum was a great success and child in all year groups enjoyed learning more about the different exhibits and eras. They had the chance to hear about the Ancient Egyptians and write their name in hieroglyphs. The historians also taught the children about WW2, about fossils and bones and much more. The old cameras were a great success and children enjoyed handling them and finding out about how people used to take photos before modern technology.


The History Detectives are now planning what their new projects will be in the New Year. Watch this space for news.


Memorial Walk


Last week the History Detectives had a special visitor. Clair Dimond Mills is a genealogist and local historian and together we went to visit the memorial in the village to look at the names of those that died in the First and Second World Wars. We then went back to the warmth of the classroom to use websites such as Ancestry to search up those that had fallen. We found lots of interesting facts and also about how we can use documents like censuses to find out more about people in the past. 

The HD Museum


We have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to put together a museum of artefacts.

There will be displays of fossils and bones, the history of cameras, a mining exhibition, a display of WW2 artefacts and an Egyptian display. Classes will be invited to come and see our museum on Wednesday 23rd and Wednesday 30th November. 


Here are some photos of us setting up the exhibits.

Archaeological Dig at Colerne!

The History Detectives are planning on doing an archaeological dig in the school grounds. We know that the Romans had settlements nearby: Roman remains have been found in Euridge and there is evidence of a settlement in the airfield. So we invited Elaine Davis from Chippenham Museum to help us plan our dig. 

We started by doing a 'desk search' - we looked at a number of websites to see what the land was used for in the past. We discovered that part of the school grounds used to be a quarry so we can't dig there. The rest of it was arable land. After looking at some examples of Roman artefacts - the type of thing that we might find - we walked the grounds to decide on where we could do our dig. This will have to wait until the spring as the ground is too wet and hard in the winter. Keep checking back for more news about or dig!