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Colerne Church of England Primary School Curriculum 
The relatively new national curriculum (2014) is intended to, “provide pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens”. However the national curriculum is just one element of the education of our children in Colerne Church of England Primary School; it is up to us to decide which other enriching experiences we feel should be woven into the curriculum content and how we teach it, thereby enabling all children to make the very best of their learning opportunities. 
At Colerne Church of England Primary School we believe in providing every possible opportunity to develop the full potential of all learners.  Our aim is that all learners will Achieve, Aspire and Respect Together.
Achieve – We make the most of opportunities in learning in order to achieve our very best.
Aspire – We are passionate about exploring our potential and are motivated by challenge.
Respect Together – We value individuality, appreciate uniqueness, live by our Christian beliefs and care for others and the environment.
Through our curriculum we strive to promote a love of learning in all our children, a belief in themselves and what they are capable of achieving and a recognition of Christian and British values. We light up for them a sense of imagination, an appreciation for creativity and a passion to innovate – in short to become someone more than they or their family ever believed they could become.