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School routines

School Day


Children arrive at school              8.25am – 8.30am

‘Start of school’                            8.30am

Morning Break                             10.30am - 10.45am

Lunchtime                                    12.00pm - 1.00pm

FS/KS1 Break                               2.00pm - 2.10pm

School Ends Mon – Thurs            3.25pm

School Ends Friday                      1.30pm   


Start of the School Day

We encourage children and parents to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of school and ask that they leave as quickly as possible after dropping them off. The children enter and exit the school by the fire exit of their classroom. 


End of School Day

At the end of the school day, we would once again ask that you do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before the 'End of School' time, and that you collect and leave the school grounds promptly. 


The handover of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children is always supervised by a member of staff.  Older children are expected to return immediately to their teacher if they cannot see Mum or Dad on the playground.  Please attempt to contact the office if you think you may be late for any reason.


The school year consists of 195 days of which five are used for professional development.


Travel to and from School

We actively encourage children to walk or to ride their bicycle or scooter to school, using our beautiful bike shelter designed and made by the children!  Parking outside any school is an issue; we ask you to park safely and considerately.  Please do not pull into the school lay-by or block the school bus bay or neighbours' driveways, thank you.  


Play Equipment 

Children are welcome to play on the outdoor equipment at drop off and pick up times, however, it is the parents' responsibility to monitor their children during these times, whether they attend the school or not.

Sickness and Emergency Contact


In emergencies such as sickness or accident, we may need to contact parents immediately.  It is therefore essential that in school we have up to date telephone numbers of parents and relatives.  Please inform the school, in writing, whenever there is a change to your contact details.


If a child is prescribed medicine by a doctor for a short term illness, it is reasonable to assume that he or she is not fit to attend school.  However, in many circumstances the child can still attend school and we may be prepared to administer medicine, on completion of the appropriate form, signed by the parent.


Medicines must be in the original pharmacists’ container. This should be clearly labelled with the contents, child’s name, dosage and/or other instructions.  Confirmation of quantity and timing of dosage may be sought from a medical practitioner.


In circumstances where the school agrees to administer medicine a written record is kept of the date and time of administration. Two people must be present, one as administrator and one as a witness.

Emergency Closure Procedures


Conditions may arise which will affect the normal running of the school, such as adverse weather or a breakdown of services and facilities. 

We operate a texting service to parents, which has proved very popular and effective. In the event of school closure we will text all families – please make sure your contact numbers are kept up to date. The school will not close unless absolutely necessary but the safety of all children and staff is paramount.


We have a fantastic purpose built kitchen and dining room where Mrs Gaston, our Catering Manager, provides us with healthy, delicious dinners.  School meals are £2.30, they can be paid for on our SCOPAY system on the internet or Via the SCOPAY App.  You will need a Pupil Link Code to set up your account.  This only needs to be entered once and you are up and running.  Meals are provided on a four week rotational menu, payable in advance.   From 1st Sept 2014 meals for FS, Y1 and Y2 children are free under the Government scheme. Please use the 'Pay for school dinners here' button on the home page.