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Music is a central part of life at Colerne CE School. We believe that every pupil should have the opportunity to develop their musical potential and we aim to nurture and encourage musical development. Our Music curriculum recognises the power of music to engage, motivate and excite children and helps them to develop musical and other transferable skills. Lessons include performing, composing, improvising and singing; these are largely practical. Children listen to recorded and live music from a range of traditions and periods of history. We aim to give pupils the opportunity to find enjoyment along with developing an ability to discuss and evaluate musical performances and styles.
Children enjoy performing using a wide range of percussion instruments at school and are given opportunities to use Apple technology to make their own compositions. Singing forms a key role in the teaching and learning at Colerne and we strive to develop self-confidence and esteem giving pupils the opportunity to sing in class, collective worship, choirs, concerts and shows.
In addition to class-based music sessions, pupils have the opportunity to join the choir, guitar club and music group as well as being able to have individual tuition in a variety of instruments eg. keyboard, flute, drums, violin and saxophone.
Music is a key part of our collective worship and our Celebration Council is involved in selecting music for our church services.
Our School Choir have achieved great success and were invited to sing at the annual National Osteoporosis Society concert in Bath Abbey. The children enjoyed a great musical opportunity experiencing the wonderful acoustic in a prestigious venue, performing to a large audience and listening to other musicians and choirs.