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Field Hockey Tournament

On Thursday 19th of January 2023, six athletes (Seb, Fergus, Jack, Ava, Molly &  Zach) played a Field Hockey tournament but we didn’t have any subs (Substitutes).There were five games and six teams.The opponents were Corsham Regis, Corsham Primary, Neston, Box & St Patricks. 


We won the two games against Corsham Regis (3-0) and Box (4-0). Then we drew against St Patricks (2-2), it was a very close game, just in time Fergus scored a goal at the end of the second half.


The next two games we lost against Neston (3-1) and Corsham Primary School (5-0)but we kept persevering. After that was the awards ceremony disappointingly we didn’t win anything. St Patricks came first, Neston came second, Corsham Regis got third and Corsham Primary got the best sportsmanship award.


We are very proud of ourselves for not giving up and playing every second of every match.


Written by Seb and Fergus