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Lambs visit the school.

A day in the life of a farmer - by Daniel 


Today wasn't a normal day for me at school. My Auntie Sharon brought in three baby lambs, Rosie who is four weeks old, Daffodil who is 5 weeks old and Tulip who is only 3 weeks old. We took them for a play outside reception class. the children were very quiet and the lambs were happy. 

I showed the children how to feed the lambs with a bottle and everyone had a go. 

The lambs then had another run around and followed me. One of the lambs spotted the gate and made a run for it and the rest of the lambs followed and tried to escape. 

Auntie Sharon and I managed to stop them!

I helped Auntie Sharon put the lambs in the van and she took them home. 

After all the excitement it was back to normal lessons for me. 

After school, I will be going to Auntie Sharons house to feed the lambs. they have 4 bottles of milk a day and they eat lamb cake - it's not like the cake we eat though! 

After that I will go home and chill, because it's a hard life being a farmer. 


Be sure to look on the school gallery to see more pictures of the children meeting and feeding the lambs.