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**SIAMS rated as EXCELLENT**

Dear Parents,

It gives us the greatest delight to share with you the report from the recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). As a Church of England school, we are subject to an inspection of how effective our school’s Christian Vision is in enabling pupils and adults to flourish. The day was spent exploring our school, talking to children, parents, Governors and staff, looking at paperwork and discovering all about our ethos. Inspections should take place every five years, however, due to Covid, it has been seven and a half years since our last SIAMS, with at least three significant changes to the framework in that time. Having completed her day, the inspector recognised the wonderful things that make up Colerne Church of England Primary School and gave the school the highest grade possible – EXCELLENT! As you can imagine, this is something that very few schools achieve and it is the impact the vision has on our children that make us most proud. A few of the excellent findings from the report:

• Pupils show extreme care, acceptance, and compassion for others

• The Christian vision powerfully expresses the school’s strong sense of service to this frequently changing community.

• Driven by the vision, Collective worship is deeply embedded and valued by all. Highly inclusive and inspirational

• Exemplary leadership in religious education (RE)

• Relentless in its pursuit to meet the needs of all pupils We could not be prouder of our community and a huge thank you to all the adults that the inspector spoke to and the support given to us by you all.

The children on the day were the best ambassadors for all that is great about our school and we could not be prouder of their kindness, polite manners and enthusiasm to engage. Yours sincerely Mark Solomon & Maura Chamberlain